Our quality: Through the decades of hand making thousands of custom suits, leather jackets, trench coats, button-up shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, etc., we have honed our knowledge, skill and expertise to expertly create custom clothing with an unbelievable level of fine detail and fit. With your measurements, we will hand make clothing that will properly hug your curves and flatter your unique body shape. Any sex, size and style, we want everyone to experience the pleasure of custom clothing for every occasion.

Premium Fabrics

We pair excellence in construction with the finest fabrics to create premium looks, feel and durability. From 100% wool, 100% 2-ply cotton, 100% full grain leather and many other high-quality fabrics, we pride ourselves on using the best natural fabrics from trusted suppliers. Using natural fabrics will ensure your custom clothing will mold to your body shape and last with you throughout the many years to come. With access to 1000’s of natural, blended and synthetic fabrics, you will finally have the freedom to let your imagination run wild to create the perfect custom piece.

Resurrect designs from past seasons or recreate custom clothing from movies, paintings, pictures, drawings, and sketches. It’s very simple and quick. We are your personal tailor, guiding you through each easy step for the perfect looking and fitting custom piece.

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