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Tailored Your Way has been providing its esteemed clients with an easy, affordable way to tailor garments – based on no more than a picture and measurements. We make the impossible, possible, perhaps you want to repurpose a “male” suit to flatter your feminine figure, or resurrect designs and styles from seasons passed. Maybe you’re keen to fill your closet with celebrity-inspired designs peppering your Instagram feed or the pages of your favorite magazines. We offer exceptional tailoring services for a fraction of traditional costs – turning thousands into mere hundreds without compromising a thing.

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Forget spending hours on end searching for that perfect outfit. At Tailored Your Way, you’re the designer. Simply send us pictures of clothing along with your ideas and measurements for the perfect looking and fitting custom clothing.


Our tailors have decades of experience hand cutting and sewing custom suits, leather jackets, dresses, coats, shirts, etc. We use premium, natural and durable fabrics like 100% Wool, 100% Cotton, 100% Linen, and Top Grain Leather. Natural, Blended or Synthetic fabrics, it’s your choice.


We believe that high-quality bespoke clothing can fit everyone’s budget. By adjusting the construction, design or fabric, we can match any price point. From fully detailed cosplay outfits to simple button-up shirts, natural or synthetic fabrics, we offer every level of customization.


No matter where you are in the world: United States, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Japan and everywhere else in between, affordable and fast international shipping is standard, so you’ll receive your products quickly, safely and direct to your doorstep.

It's easy, fast and freeing. Let the world know who you really are.


We could talk all day about why you should let us work our magic on your garments, but we’d rather let our clients and friends do the talking. For a quote, please send us your picture and measurements. We look forward to making your fashion vision a reality soon!


About Us

Tailored Your Way is the premier tailoring shop, offering the definitive bespoke experience. We hand make custom clothing for any sex, size, style and occasion. You are the designer and we are your personal tailor. Get exclusive access to thousands of fabrics, accessories and design options. Resurrect designs from past seasons or recreate outfits from movies, television, magazine and Instagram.

Unbeatable quality. Affordable prices. 

We offer unparalleled fit, fabric and ease of use. Everything is cut and sewn by hand to ensure a superior fit for your unique body shape. You’re sure to be astonished by the quality and value; simply enter your measurements, choose your fabrics and accessories, then within 2 to 4 weeks you’ll receive your handmade order direct to your doorstep. 


Our talented and experienced tailors can recreate any outfit, we’ll remake it for you, stitch for stitch. With value and quality as the cornerstones of what we do, your clothing will retain their style and character for many years to come.


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